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Adapters Adapters
Need to hook up that SATA hard drive? Or that cooling fan? Or just need more connectors for your power supply? This is where to look. We also have gender changers to get your VGA monitor hooked up to the DVI connector on the back of your Video card.
13 Items
Cable Cable
Do you need cables? We have all the types of wire you need. Networking cable can be special ordered as well in various lengths. Don't see a cable you need? We can get it. Just e-mail us and we will get it for you.
61 Items
Cable - Network - Cat5e Network Cable On Sale!
Cable - Network - Cat5e

Need network cable. We have all colours and sizes for any job, and any network.
119 Items
Cable - Network - Cat6 Ethernet Cable On Sale!
Cable - Network - Cat6

Cat6 Network Cable for High Speed Connectivity. Get your network flying. We have all colours and sizes for any job, and any network.
86 Items
Card Reader Card Reader
Get images, files and other data off your SD, and other cards onto your computer. We have both internal and external Card Readers to suit your needs
20 Items
Cases Cases
We have lots of cases. If you're looking for something simple and plain, we have that. If you want your case to look cool, look no further, we have some of the coolest cases around in a variety of colours. If you have seen one that you like somewhere else, e-mail us and we will try and see if we can get it for you.
52 Items
CD/DVD Disc Medias CD/DVD Disc Medias
We have all the CD's and DVD's you could ever need at some of the lowest prices you will ever find.
2 Items
Cleaners Cleaners
Need to get your computer cleaned? Build-up of dust forming on your computer fans? Monitor full of finger prints? Get the proper cleaning tools to keep your computer clean
10 Items
Cooling Cooling
Keep your case cool with an extra fan or a new CPU heat sink. We have some of the best heat compound as well that will be sure to lower your CPU temperature up to 5 degrees. Check out the Mutant Mods page as well for some cool looking fans that will cool your case in style.
49 Items
External Enclosure External Enclosure
Do you need more storage space and don't have enough room in your PC? Or do you need to move data from one PC to another? Well then just get yourself an external enclosure for a hard drive to solve all your problems.
36 Items
Flash Drives

Need a USB Flash Drive... You have found the right place. We have the lowest prices you can find. If you need other memory (SD Cards, etc) please go to Memory Cards/ Card Readers
3 Items
Floppy Disk Drives Floppy Disk Drives
We still carry floppy drives. Yes the technology is on its way out, but as long as it's still here, we will carry it.
1 Item
Headphones Headphones
Get a set of headphones to make your computer experience more enjoyable. Some have the mic built right in for convenience
2 Items
I/O Controller Cards I/O Controller Cards
Need more USB ports, Firewire ports or some SATA ports? You've found the right place. We have many I/O cards that should take care of any computer need of yours. Always have enough ports to get the job done.
35 Items
Keyboards/ Joystick Keyboards/ Joystick
Lots of keyboards to choose from. We have many to choose from. Combo sets and wireless sets are available. Check them out.
21 Items
Mice Mice
Lots of Mice to choose from, from some of the best manufactures.
8 Items
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Here we have our odds and ends. Whether it is DVD cases or RJ45 Crimp tool. Also we have mouse pads for $1.99 and a whole lot of other cool things.
25 Items
Mobile Racks Mobile Racks
Need to move data out of your server quickly? Get a mobile rack for either SATA or IDE hard drives to get the data where you want to go fast. An affordable solution for all server users.
5 Items
Modems Modems
Still using dial-up? Well we can help get your computer connected. Here are a few choices of modems. Too expensive? Just send us an e-mail and we can find you an OEM card to save you a little.
3 Items
Monitors/ LCD Displays WOW Acer LCDs
Monitors/ LCD Displays

CRT monitors, CRT Flat Screen Monitors and LCD monitors are here. We carry a variety so that we can suit all of your needs. If you are looking for something a little cheaper, we have refurbished CRT monitors. E-mail us for availability and price.
3 Items
Motherboards Motherboards
For the best selection of motherboards, here is the place to look. We have Abit, Asrock, Asus and MSI motherboards for you to check out. These are some of the top motherboard manufacturers. We guaranty quality when you purchase one of these pristine motherboards.
20 Items
Mutant Mod Products Overstock on our Mod Products. Everything Must GO!
Mutant Mod Products

Bring your computer out of the Dark Age with these products. We have lighting and cooling mod products. All of these will surely make your computer look much cooler and your case will stand out from the crowd. Also see Case Mod Products for more mod products.
6 Items
Network - Hubs (USB) Network - Hubs (USB)
Not enough USB ports on your PC. Get more with a USB Hub. By using just one of these USB hubs, you can make 1 port on your PC turn into 4+ USB Ports.
11 Items
Network - Installation Network - Installation
Running a new home or office network, or just upgrading the system you have. You will find the cable, ends, wall plates and tools you need to get the job done. If you are looking for a professional network installation, please email us at jkcomputers@golden.net
47 Items
Network - KVM Switches Network - KVM Switches
Have more than one computer you use? Control them all with 1 Keyboard, 1 Mouse and 1 Monitor with a KVM. You can have 2 to 16 computers linked to a set of a keyboard/ mouse and monitor. Great for server applications as well.
6 Items
Network - Switches Network - Switches
Needing A network switch to add in more computers on your current network? Great for having a second central network station when having a router in one room and then a switch in another.
9 Items
Network - Wired Network - Wired
Wired Router, PCI Network Cards, RJ45 Ends and Wired Networking Tools. Also you will find video splitters in this category.
8 Items
Network - Wireless Network - Wireless
Wireless Networking Components. Wireless routers, PCI Wireless network cards, Wireless access points, USB Wireless Cards and Range Boosters.
25 Items
Notebook Accessories Notebook Accessories
Need a new notebook charger, or just want an extra one? We have them right here for you.
19 Items
Power Protection Power Protection
A Computer is a major investment. Keep it save with the proper serge protecting power bars and UPS battery backup systems.
15 Items
Power Supplies Power Supplies
Does your PC need more power? Check out these power supplies. We have the right one for your needs.
15 Items
Printer Printer
We carry the best printers out on today's market. We DO NOT sell refurbished printers that are full of problems to come. Get a printer today and save yourself money. All ink for these printers is available through our web site and is available at low prices.
3 Items
Printer Cartridges The Cheapest Cartridges in town.
Printer Cartridges

We have your printer cartridge for cheaper then Staple or Office depot. Save yourself money. Having trouble finding your cartridge? E-mail us at jkcomputers@golden.net and we will help you get the right cartridge.
115 Items
Rackmount Server Rackmount Server
We now carry Servers. For your business or your large home network, we have one that should fit your needs.
1 Item

Lots of RAM. Please feel free to e-mail us about compatibility of RAM with your motherboard. All of our RAM is not priced because of the fluctuating market. If you wish to purchase some, or inquire on a price, e-mail us at jkcomputers@golden.net
15 Items
Re-Writers/ Combo Drives Re-Writers/ Combo Drives
Whether you need to burn DVD's or CD's, this is where you can find the burners and combo drives. There are lots of different options, weather you want to burn CD's and just watch DVD's or just have the ability to do it all with a DVD burner.
1 Item
Scanners Scanners
Canon Scanners. Lots to choose from for any application. Looking for an All-In-One instead, check out our Printers.
3 Items
Security Security
Need to make sure your home or business is safe, well what you need are some security devices
4 Items
Services FREE Installation of Upgrades

At JK Computer Systems we offer many services. Check it out now
15 Items
Software Software
Software for your computer is available here. Windows Vista is at the lowest price we can sell it at. Please feel free to inquire with any questions.
14 Items
Sound Cards Sound Cards
Looking for quality sound out of your PC? Well take a look at these sound cards.
5 Items
Subwoofer/ Speaker Systems Subwoofer/ Speaker Systems
Lots of speaker systems to choose from. Weather you need a 2.0 system for your computer or an advanced 7.1 speaker system for that surround sound experience, we have the right choice for you.
6 Items
Video Capture Video Capture
Need to get those old VHS tapes on to DVD, wish to what TV on your PC or enjoy video editing? What you need is one of our video capturing devices.
3 Items
Video Cards We have them all... Get the best of the best
Video Cards

Your PC game not performing? Well maybe it's time to upgrade your video card. Lots of the latest technology to choose from. Please, if you have any compatibility issues or just need help getting the right card, e-mail us at jkcomputers@golden.net
3 Items

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